Beatriz’s story: Finding answers about menopause through my mentor at work

I never met my mother. My stepmom didn’t tell me women bled once a month, for years, until it stops. So, I had a terrible fright when, at 14, I had blood all over my skirt. My schoolmates told me it would happen every month.

When I turned 16, I wanted to leave Coxcatlán and try to find work in Mexico City. My brother gave me a lecture: everyone who leaves for Mexico City comes back with children. “If you return like that: say goodbye to this town,” he said. This stuck with me and all I did was work. Later, around 23, I had two daughters, and it was a decision I made with my husband.

I had mild periods, a couple of days long, no pain.

Except for my very last one: it lasted for eight days. I had to skip work; I was anxious. My employer ended up taking me to a doctor who helped me. I was 48 and felt comfortable working without worrying about bleeding; I had always been irregular.

Months before my last period, I did feel hot and sweaty. I told my employer and she explained that I was reaching menopause. She took me to a homeopathic practitioner and he gave me some drops that made me feel better.

I had a mild menopause. I never felt depressed because I focused on my work. My face never filled with wrinkles and I don’t feel old. I do feel pain in my arms and legs, from time to time. I sometimes have trouble sleeping. I tell my daughters that there’s an advantage gained with menopause: I never think about bleeding or carrying pads around.

Beatriz, 64 – Coxcatlán, San Luis Potosí, Mexico | Find her story at page 107