Ying’s story: Finding my own way through menopause

I see menopause as a law of nature that we can’t avoid. I look after myself, but I don’t spend much on special foods or medicine.

A little on essential oils, along with red bean and gelatin soup, which I eat for a few days before and after my period. I’ve been drinking more tea as well, a different kind every day. People say the antioxidants in tea are good for health. I’ve noticed a few extra pounds on my waist, so I’m eating less rice. I’m also exercising every day, to help tone my body.

My energy has dropped steadily since I turned 30, and now that I’m in my mid-forties, there’s less sex. I’ve also noticed some vaginal dryness, which is new, but I haven’t done anything about it. Maybe it’s a Chinese thing, but we don’t really discuss this. Or maybe we don’t care about it.

I definitely lose my temper with my husband far more frequently, since the onset of menopause.

Little things irritate me more than they used to. I nag him, and that makes both of us unhappy. Although we talk about it afterward. I’m not sure he really understands. I feel OK and try to keep a healthy mindset. Menopause is a natural journey, and each woman must find her own way, following her heart and living her life.

Ying, 46 —Shanghai, China | Find her story at page 79