Ursula’s story: I learned to manage menopause symptoms through yoga

For me, menopause and the pandemic arrived around the same time. I’d been having symptoms for about three years – mainly insomnia and hot flashes – then my periods stopped altogether last year. During lockdown, I gained so much weight that it was hard not to feel down.

Natural health is important to me – I’ve practiced yoga for years – so I began to look into holistic ways to support my body.

In the process, I found a yoga teacher specializing in Hormonal Yoga Therapy – a series of exercises designed to stimulate the hormone-producing glands and bring balance. I’ve added it into my routine of intuitive yoga and weights.

It’s not always easy. There have been days when I felt so heavy and lethargic that I struggled to get off the couch – but I always feel energized after exercise. And it really benefits my mental health and self-esteem, too. It feels empowering to be taking control of the aging process and has helped me see things from a different perspective.

As women, we get so hung up on how aging changes our appearance. I wanted to break free from this cage and focus on the positives. That doesn’t mean accepting the changes without question, but adapting or actively challenging how those changes might affect me.

My gynecologist has also been incredible – she is my first female doctor and specializes in hormonal health. More than anything, it has been great to have the opportunity to talk openly with a professional woman about menopause and the challenges it brings. Perhaps I’m being optimistic, but it feels like the worst is over with my menopausal discomfort.

Ursula, 54 — Recife, Brazil | Find her story at page 64