Prisha’s story: A daughter’s support can be all you need

My symptoms began a few years ago, soon after my daughter returned home from graduating college. We weren’t used to living in the same house anymore and I was moody and irritable, snapping at her the whole time.

My daughter said I wasn’t myself and tried to talk to me about it. My periods had stopped, but I didn’t make the connection until I eventually saw my doctor. Menopause – of course. The mood swings, the lack of sleep, the lack of energy – it all started to make sense.

Suddenly, I found myself grieving that I hadn’t had more kids. After my husband left, I never wanted another man. I was feeling pretty happy alone – but then regrets started to creep in.

I eventually broached the subject of menopause with my daughter. It felt awkward at first, but she was completely unfazed. She’d had a feeling something was up and was really supportive.

She started helping out around the house, without me even asking, and we talked about things I’d never shared before. The precious time together made everything feel so much better. The depression gradually started to lift and my energy began to return. I stopped focusing on regrets and realized how blessed I am to have such a caring daughter. Our bond is stronger than ever, and I’m beginning to feel like myself again.

Prisha, 58 – Bangalore, India | Find her story at page 16