Diana’s story: Marriage, menopause, and a new outlook on life

At the peak of my menopause, the sweats became so bad that I had to change my clothes immediately, even in the middle of the night. My libido was also non-existent. This definitely affected my relationship, but, to be honest, things were already emotionally frayed, which didn’t help my sex drive.

Our marriage eventually ended, but it wouldn’t be fair to blame the hot flashes or the moods for its collapse. Things were already deteriorating before the symptoms began, but I guess they did help tip the relationship over the edge. When it did finally end, I was depressed.

I took a while to recover from the breakup, but as soon as the symptoms disappeared, a few months after my last period, I felt ready for a new beginning. Yes, it was a relief! Today, looking back at the way things happened, I understand it is just another phase of life and I guess it wasn’t as bad as some people say, though it wasn’t a walk in the park either. Menopause is a natural cycle, with ups and downs, just like menstruation.

I’m now 69 years old, feel very well and enjoy life. I’m interested in Buddhism, long walks, cooking, reading and studying. I have become less attached to relationships and to youth. I already felt my age before menopause, as I was the eldest working with a team of youngsters. You could say that I had my aging crisis at 40! These days I feel younger and more energized. In fact, I volunteer at a non-governmental organization that focuses on helping elderly people. It feels like there’s no stopping me.

Diana, 69 — Brasilia, Brazil | Find her story at page 34